Monday, 26 January 2015

Talk about lots of stuff

Coming up soon is my parents' wedding anniversary. I quilled for them a melting Dali clock. They love showing off all my work. You can check out his paining with the melted clocks, The Persistence of Memory here.

I really struggled with this one. So did my husband (we really enjoy this family game). Suddenly he had this idea for Talk on EMI. Of many olden media, the radio is still surviving. Why, what it is about radio? Anonymity? Can't be tracked as easily as we can be via the internet? Useful in the car, at work, in the shower, whenever we can't look but only listen? What do you think?

On Wicked Wednesday ATC, the theme this week is Pink & Black & White. Here is my tangled ATC in a pink frame:

Today, January 26, is also Australia Day. I found this pic that shows the more beautiful side of this country:

Monday, 19 January 2015

Elephant Inchie & Anything Goes Moo

One day, Lion, king of the beasts wakes up and decides he wants to see what's happening around his kingdom. He see a zebra and yells out "Hey you, in the striped pyjamas, who is the mightiest of all animals?" asks Lion. "Of course it is you, Master!" replies the zebra cowering. Moving on, Lion sees a baboon. "Hey, you with the red butt, who is the mightiest of all animals?" "You, you and only you my Lord!" replies the baboon quivering with fear. Then Lion spots an elephant. "Hey you with the garden hose, who is the mightiest of all animals?" Lion yells out. The elephant grabs Lion with his trunk. "Alright, no need to get nasty just because you don't know the answer!", yells Lion as he is flies half way across the continent.

Every Inchie Monday has Elephant today. That's two cutters in a row. Here's another cutie my husband & I drew together. Can't wait to see others' cuties.

And I am now officially starting my collection of 26 Moo's for this year. A Moo is a tiny card sized 2.8cm x 7cm (1.1" x 2.8"). I know the team over at Moo Mania claim this is the second challenge for the year. But, aha, the previous one was published in 2014, this, Anything Goes theme, is the first for 2015. So here goes:

Monday, 12 January 2015


This week on Every Inchie Monday, it's Giraffe. This is a joint drawing I did with my husband. I wonder what cuteness fellow inchiers have for this prompt.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Finally got some drawing done

At Art Journal Journey, the year begins with Inspired by the Masters pt. II. I really enjoyed part I. In this instalment I have Van Gogh's Starry Night (the first Starry Night he painted). This painting pushed me into dropping everything and moving to Europe, where I lived for a few years. I really wanted to see the original. I did see it and it was good. However, what a surprise it was to find that I was knocked off feet by another painting that I never expected would impress me, nor did I ever find the reproductions interesting.

When I got to Paris, I sped through the Musée d'Orsay and flew into the Impressionists' section so I could finally see Starry Night. And there, in my face was an enormous Water Lilies canvas. Yep, the Water Lilies. Stopped me dead in my tracks, I gasped audibly and blurted out:  "Is this the original?". It was STUNNING!!  And these are the kind of surprises I love - the last thing you'd expect, blows your mind. So here's to Starry Night for changing my life!

Oil pastels layered and scratched through

And I finally got to do some tangling. This tile is for Joey's challenge #42 (I hope it's OK that I used tangles other than Lucky; not sure whether this challenge is a mono-tangle) and Diva's challenge #199.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Out pops 2015

Happy New Year you all!
OK, here we go again, inchie lovers  :D

The first one for 2015 is Egg. I have a priceless Fabergé egg that incorporates rare silk hair from my cat amidst two shades of gold leaf incrusted on layered rare fuchsia mother of pearl coating. The inside lining is 18 carat gold.

I have another inchie today. This one is for Made by Joey's challenge Tangle a Mini Mooka on an Inchie:

And the little formats don't stop here. Moo-Mania has Polkadots as its last theme on New Year's Eve 2014. As of Moo-Mania's first 2015 challenge, I will start growing a collection of Moo's, resulting in 26 of them at the end of this year (the challenges are fortnightly).
Here is my Polkadots Moo: