Monday, 28 September 2015

Hotel + Favourite Colours

I am not a tourist, I'm a traveller. Travelled around parts of Australia. Hated making arrangements ahead, so just got the car and drove off. Got to drive past many of these signs. Alternative - sleep in the car. That's what came to mind (my husband's mind) in response to this week's EIM topic - Hotel.

Moo Mania & More have Favourite Colour Combination as the theme this fortnight. This is my favourite colour combination because it's on the flag of the country I call home, and this combination is very reassuring:
My watercolor version
About 10 years ago, I was in Copenhagen with a group of people from the US. We found ourselves in the Embassy/Consular area and I spotted the Aussie flag waving up ahead. To show off about what a top country I'm from, I declared loudly that "I will just do a quick stroll past my Australian embassy". As I approached, I realised it was the New Zealand flag. I quickly came running back, explaining I didn't want to be rude leaving everyone waiting for me. To this day, I hope no one noticed   :D

Monday, 21 September 2015

Yeah, right!

Myth is the keyword on Every Inchie Monday this week. This is my team, in Australia Rules Football, St. Kilda, being number 1 on the ladder. Why is it a myth? They came up with a wooden spoon last season and close to that for a couple of seasons prior. In their whole life of 150+ years, they have only won one grand final. And now, grand final is at the end of this month........ And here is my make-belief:
You can see that my blog's icon is this Footy club's logo

Another "yeah, right" is that this did not win anything at the Royal Melbourne show this year!!! The sphere is around 20 cm (app. 8") in diameter and completely hollow inside! How could 3 other people have done better than this?!  LOL and everything, but seriously!  :)   Those show competitions are now rigged, I'm telling you. To be fair, I got a glimpse of the work submitted this year, and it's magnificent. Fair competition.......   I think. I raised the standards last year when I took first place and best in section at this show. Hard competing against yourself  :D

This cross stitch also did not win any prizes, but I get that and don't question it.

However, and this really surprised me, this cross stitch on linen (with sewn in beads) got 2nd place. So somewhere still a bit of a winner  :)    The size is app. 69cm x 39cm (27" x 15").

Finally got some time to draw. I am putting together a new year's present - a wall calendar with one of my doodles on each month. I already have 8 pages I drew and published previously. Need another 5 (there's an extra page for the start of 2017). So this one is following this week's Diva challenge 235:

And this is my tag for Tag Tuesday this week:

Monday, 14 September 2015

Inchie, Tag, Twinchie and Moo

I wish I had musical talent. For this, one must possess a sense of Rhythm, which is this week's topic on Every Inchie Monday. This is the closest I've come to having rhythm:

Here is my tag for Tag Tuesday for the week. A component of this tag is making an appearance on Two by Two by Tuesday  -  the twinchie with the rings on it.

I found this fortnight's theme on Moo Mania & More - Landscape, another doosie. Eventually, I stopped on a Dali-esque type landscape - desert with door. Why? Just because.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Something I quilled just for myself, not for any competitions or challenges. It's Jewish New Year coming up, so this little piece was born. The actual picture is A5. It means "alive" or "living" in Hebrew and is a very popular symbol in Jewish culture. So now this picture will be gifted to someone.....    don't know who yet.

Unexpectedly I ended up joining Tag Tuesday. The theme for this week is Blues and Browns. Here is my first tag. Come on over and check out other artists' tags.

That last word for August on Every Inchie Monday is Necklace. All self-respecting necklaces need cleavage. Come on over here as well to check out more talented artists.

There's more. Mustn't forget the adorable moo format. Moo Mania (and more) have suggested Black and White. The Jolly Roger is a well known black & white symbol. And come on over here as well to see even more talent.