Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Last and Next

And so we've come a full circle again. Where to from now? Every Inchie Monday says Next.

And here are the 52 weeks of inchies throughout 2015:

As I am saying goodbye to 2015, I am saying a temporary "see you later" to my beloved inchie blog. Trillion, crafter mates, thank you for our awesome time together.
It's a "see you later" because I want to go for a bigger format next year. I will concentrate on ATC's and tags. As nothing is permanent, after a year, I might come back. Nothing, however, is keeping us from staying in touch. See you soon.

Moo Mania & More, as their last theme for the year, have Anything Goes. 2015 started off with 'anything goes'. We come full circle. So my final Moo is a withered version of my very first Moo, which you can see here. Seeing out the old 2015. See you later, Moo mates. I may make the occasional comeback, as I know you welcome other formats.
Here are the 26 Moo's. These are also my paydays :) I see money in the bank in the morning a a new Moo theme in the afternoon. May money appear in my bank account every time Moo Mania & More publish a post  :)

Here's the detail:

See you in the leap year.
Happy 2016!

Monday, 21 December 2015

And so it goes........

The second last EIM word for the year is Evolution. I am on the verge of the last phase of this evolutionary scale  :)

Moo Mania & More have Christmas as the theme this fortnight. Being Jewish, this is how I celebrate this holiday:

And some more practice on my iPad:
Oil paint effect
Another attempt at gem effect
And, again, gem effect
The drawing is completely mine. Materials used:  Smooth drawing paper, inking pen, gel pen graphite and colour pencils, markers, stump and tortillion, oil paints & brushes, palette for colour mixing. eraser. None of these materials used specifically here exist in the physical world, only on my iPad.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Locomotive and a chain of other stuff

Locomotive is the keyword on EIM this week. Here is a locomotive road sign.

I am joining Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge this week. Their topic is "Add Antlers". Mine is a Hannukah deer, with 9 candles.

As per the last Diva challenge for the year, here is a gift of zentangle to myself - my iPad Pro with the magic Apple pencil. All drawing is completely electronic, done on my new iPad using the Apple pencil.
Doesn't matter that the lines are awkward and wonky. I am learning how to hold this pencil, how the art program operates.

And an attempt at a water drop on the iPad:

And my first attempt at gem effects........   all still on the iPad. Everything below the deer is done completely electronically.

My second gem attempt:

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

I'm in Love!

Not so pretty, a bit awkward and totally, completely electronic.
I got the iPad Pro together with the Apple pencil. This is my very first attempt - for the Diva challenge 247.

Here are some more attempts:

I'm off to get the pro version of this art app.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Aqua Angel and Other Favourites

This week's word on EIM is Angel. I have angel fish.
2mm (0.08") quilling strips

Moo Mania & More issued a really weird topic (at least weird to me) this fortnight  -  Favourite Stamps or Images. I couldn't get my head around this one for ages. Then my husband said:  "Do our blog's initials". To explain the seemingly weird name behind this blog:

About 3 years ago, some bright spark at the corporation where I work, decided it a clever idea to give us all 'working style personality' tests. Why just not just give us a pay rise than spend money on this garbage?
Anyway, I rang my husband from work and we did this electronic test together over the phone. Basically, the answers are selected in the shape of a Christmas tree as you go down the page. Anyway......    the resulting verdict is - I am a 'specialist'. Well......     we are a specialist together. The 'my' component of MySpecialist is actually a transcription of the Russian word for 'we'. And that's how we muck around together on this blog - my husband comes up with all the ideas and I make the stuff.
So here we are, MS: