Thursday, 26 May 2016


How beautiful is the seahorse! I was rapt when the Sea Creatures theme came up on Wicked Wednesday - a chance to quill a seahorse in yet another format. This ATC is the largest quilled seahorse I've done so far.
And just in time, the gorgeous Moo Mania & More have published their latest challenge - Water.
So I am linking this ATC to Moo Mania as well.
Done with gilt-edged strips

This is the seahorse I did for Moo Mania last year:
Smallest seahorse on Moo

And this is a seahorse tag I made earlier this year for TagTuesday:
Next size up on a tag. Done using gilt-edged strips - same as the ATC.

It's looking like I have a whole family now.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

We Inspire Ourselves

Wicked Wednesday have chosen an interesting theme for this week - Inspired by Pinterest. Please google Zoe Brener (MySpecialist) on Pinterest. That's my work.

I've already told this story of why my blog is called MySpecialist. I like it so much, I will retell it  :)
A while back, my place of work decided it was good use of company money to force personality tests on us (i.e., our working style). I got on the phone to my husband and we did the test together. The whole thing was multi-choice and we answered in Christmas tree pattern.
Results came in - I am a specialist. That is, together my husband and I are a specialist. When we set up this blog, it was obvious - transcribe the Russian words for "we are a specialist". And there you have it.
I am half naive in all this self-promotion over the internet and social media. Still, over time I discovered that some people like my work and have shared pics via Pinterest. Thank you all, who think my crafting is worthy.
P.S. the logo that appears next to the comments I leave and included on this ATC (the shield with the cross) is that of the Australian Rules Football team that we support; it is also the symbol of the area of Melbourne we live in.

Thursday, 12 May 2016


For this week's theme on Wicked Wednesday - Circus Act, I have nothing up my sleeve, nor anything up my other sleeve. I am pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Any colour is beautiful, as long as it is black.

And this is my response to this month's challenge oner at ATC's met Herz - Lieblingsfarben (Favourite Colours). Unfortunately I had to do it on dark grey background (not such a bad colour, but not exactly black) because I don't have paper in that blue-black that I love.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fruity ATC

For this week's Wicked Wednesday theme, Fruits & Veggies, I have a pineapple done in iris folding.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


A new theme on ATC Around the World - Schmetterlinge (to be precise, it's Anything Goes with Option Butterflies). I have an ATC full of tiny quilled butterflies using 2mm and 1.5mm quilling strips.

And a side view to show the 3-D:

Monday, 2 May 2016

Little Fun Инчиковый Проект - Май

В мае пять тем. Первые две:

2.5.16 - Мои типичные выходные
9.5.16 - Моя победа

В выходные, раньше полдня не просыпаться! А моя победа.....   я говорю так "Ничего плохого не произошло, ну и слава богу!" Когда у меня ничего не случается, я чувствую себя победительницей.

16.5.16 - Мои любимые цветы. Мак один из них.
23.5.16 - Мой возраст. Я сейчас в самом лучшем возрасте моей жизни - 50-е годы. По-английски женщину в этом десятилетии называют "золотая девочка".

И последний в этом месяце:
30.5.16 - Моё детство. Книги.