Monday, 27 July 2015


We had Yellow on EIM not long ago. This week we have another Yellow. The trick is to never repeat oneself. So this is my yellow this time around (doesn't matter how many yellows you give us, Trillian, I will have something different each time):

This is the bees on a sunny day
And this is the bees at night

Monday, 20 July 2015

Energy in Everything!

Moo Mania & More are offering In the Garden as the theme this fortnight. When I lived in Helsinki, I discovered the Finnish artist Hugo Simberg. Among his awesomely different and haunting works is one called The Garden of Death. So that's what immediately came to mind. You should really check out this artist's other work.

Newsflash update! I have just visited my friend Shylaa's blog, which lead me to visit UnstampaBelles again. And I realised I can show my Moo there. Flowers are not normally my theme, but this Moo that was born on the weekend definitely fits, for the theme is a bunch of flowers with the twist of making a garden. For everyone at Unstampabelles, a Moo is 2.8cm x 7cm (1.1" x 2.8").

Every Inchie Monday has Energy, as the keyword, today. Wow, this was a tough one! Eventually I thought of spinach.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Swirling Yarn

G'day, Moo Mania & More are challenging us with Swirls this fortnight. To this, my husband immediately said "The seahorse is one complete swirl in itself". Quilling is also a whole stack of swirls. So that's that then, this tiny bundle of swirls:

This week's topic on Every Inchie Monday is Yarn. Supposedly, Ned Ludd destroyed a knitting frame in the 19th century, as a protest against workers losing jobs as a result of developing technology. That's how we got the word Ludite - someone who is against technological change.
This is an antique and depleted spinning wheel that had also been subjected to attempts at destruction 200 years ago - you can see a missing spoke. Currently on show at my inchie museum.