Thursday, 28 July 2016

Peacock Feather

Can't control myself, have to show off again. Just found out I won second place with this quilled tiara (second place?! - honestly, what's the world coming to?!). Didn't get the Silhouette Cameo (doesn't matter, I have the Portrait machine), but won the Mint and accessory kit as well as a mysterious gift package.

Meanwhile, beautiful Wicked Wednesday ATC blog have presented us with a colour palette this week. I immediately saw a peacock amongst these colours. Here is one feather using 1.5mm (1/16") narrow strips.

This is the palette to work from:

Could I also dare to sneak this ATC into Moo Mania & More for this fortnight's theme - Summer? Don't know how summery a peacock is, but the colours sure are. Anyway, if I am off topic, please feel free to remove me. But I know you won't 'cause you love me  ;)    Ha, ha, just joking  :)

Little Fun Инчиковый Проект - Июль

Мы начинаем вторую половину года. Вот июль:

4.7.16 - Моя радость - мой кот.
11.7.16 - Моё лето. У нас, лето начинается с красивых гроз. Туристы приезжают специально посмотреть на эти грозы; их действительно стоит посмотреть. Поищите "австралийские грозы" в Google (thunderstorms in australia).

18.7.16 - Мои недостатки. Из всех болезней, передающихся половым путём, у меня только жизнь. Ну спасибо, что только одна болячка.
25.7.16 - Путешествие моей мечты (моя любимая страна). Два раза жила в Израиле. Уеду туда на старости лет умирать. Я чувствую себя пришельцем на этой планете и испытываю ностальгию, когда смотрю на звёзды. Но из всех зол (стран, в которых была или проживала), меня тянет больше всего к этой стране; там я чувствую наименьше всего, что я чужая.
Когда я училась в младшей школе в Израиле, у нас в классе висели карты страны. Территория была больше, границы и форма другие. Сейчас страна меньше и вся какая-то надкусанная. Надеюсь останется ещё кусочек к моей старости.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Head Space

A quilled tiara I made for a quilling competition. Hope I win it - first prize is a Silhouette Cameo machine with mat together with a Silhouette Mint, which is a custom stamp maker.
The tiara is approximately 13cm (5") in diameter and 7cm (2.8") high at the highest point.

Wicked Wednesday have Hair Do as the topic for this week. Here is my quilled hair ATC:

Would also like to show these pieces at Moo Mania & More, where it's Anything Goes this week.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Digital Water

Wicked Wednesday have Water as their theme this week.
I drew this drop myself on my new iPad Pro with the special iPad pencil. The drawing is completely mine, manual, and the process is same as if I used physical materials. I then reduced it to ATC size and printed out.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

3 ATC's and a Tag

Show Us Your Pussies (which is a cats only challenge blog) and its artistic director Ike have published their theme for the month - Floral Kitties. ATC's Mit Herz came up with Blumen (Flowers).
So here is my response to these two challenges:

The Male Room also have a floral theme with a twist - Make Flowers Masculine. In addition, ATC Around the world have published Anything Goes with Option use Newspaper.
And this is my response to these challenges:
Quilling newspaper is not much fun :)

The gorgeous Wicked Wednesday ATC's challenge this week is Rock & Roll! I have a couple doing the Lindy Hop.

And this is the tag I made for my Tag Tuesday blog, where this week's theme is At the Seaside.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Happy New Financial Year!

Our new financial year started on July 1st. That's when we do our tax returns. So let's raise a glass to a good refund and party on. Thanks to Wicked Wednesday's timely topic Christmas in July, I made this celebratory ATC. It's raining $100 notes, fah lah, lah, lah...

Moo Mania & More came up with Paris as this fortnight's topic. A while back, I won a prize and received this handmade tag along with the main prize. I wish I could remember which blog and which gorgeous crafter this came from. So no, I did not make this, just added the red-white-blue ribbons. Thank you, anonymous crafter, you're gorgeous and I am showing off your tag.