Monday, 23 February 2015

Human Snail

This week's Every Inchie Monday word is Snail. I studied anatomy and found the ear quite an easy part to learn, may it was good lecturing. Do you know what else is interesting - during our weekly tutorials at the university anatomy museum, the only thing that made me queasy were the minute bones from the middle ear. I remember when the lecturers brought them out in a tiny formaldehyde jar, I nearly fainted when I looked at them.
The inner ear, however, doesn't make me feel sick. The cochlea looks like a snail, so it's cute.

Monday, 16 February 2015


Ancient Torah scrolls came to mind when I found out the EIM keyword for this week is Texts.

The Moo topic for this fortnight is Circles. I have something related to more old texts (not as old the the ones above). Dante's Nine Circles of Hell:

Monday, 9 February 2015


My favourite time of day is night. Beautiful keyword Night is the homework on EIM this week. I am very lucky to have grown up under the Australian sky. The stars are really in your face and you can grab the milky way.
One time back in the 90's, I happened to be driving from Melbourne up to Sydney. It's about an 8-10 hour drive with stops. So I was making one such stop, cursing at the turn off, the toilets, the people taking the same break as me, my life.......   as I normally do. Then I accidentally looked up at the sky (probably rolling up my eyes in sarcasm), and the milky way slapped me right on the nose. For a second I forgave the lot. For a second I was disarmed. Hardly anything or anyone make me feel disarmed in this world, and I love it when something finally does.
When I look up at the starry night sky, I feel homesick. I wonder whether that's how Vinnie felt.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Internal Affairs

On UnstampaBelles, the February challenge is National Symbols. Homework is to incorporate an icon / a symbol from you country, as well your flag's colours into your piece. A redback spider on the seat of an outback toilet (also known as the thunderbox) is Aussie as. If you're not sure what a redback can do, look it up at your own peril.

This ATC is in response to what our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott is doing to us at the moment......   we're all stuffed in this scenario.

Quilling paper 3mm

Sooooooo good to be on leave from work and enjoy my 50th birthday! Birthdays should be celebrated for a whole year.

Monday, 2 February 2015


A card I made for my parents' anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks. I embroidered their initials kinda similar to the ones engraved on my mum's wedding band.

It's Kitchen on Every Inchie Monday, and I've got this - as symbolic of kitchen as skull and crossbones are of pirates.
Furthermore, the wooden spoon is being used to make me a birthday cake, as tomorrow, Feb 3 I'm turning 50, I'm going to be a golden girl! I've been looking forward to this birthday all my life, and with each decade it got easier and freer to live. And I proudly never learned how to cook!
Happy birthday to me!!!     :D

And just to keep with the distinguished theme, here is my take on Masculine, which is this fortnight's theme on Moo Mania.