Thursday, 29 September 2016


For this week's challenge on Wicked Wednesday - Fins, Feathers or Fur, I have the wings of my favourite fallen angel.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Starting to get ready

For Wicked Wednesday's challenge Add a Die Cut, I have a Christmas ATC.........   only because I happen to have this particular die cut lying around and wanted to destash.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Autumn Stuff

Here is my response to the Mushrooms challenge on ATC's met Herz:

Was hoping to capture the little stems hiding in the grass
More stems?

And for Sunday Postcard Art, here is my contribution for this week's theme - Harvest Moon:

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Getting Ready for Halloween

We don't have Halloween here, wish we did. Marketing people try to push it here and there, but it's just not going to happen.
Instead, I read some disturbing info the other day. My cat's pet supermarket's latest newsletter called to owners to keep their jet black cats inside around October 31st, as there have been increased incidents of black cats being tortured or killed around this time of year. I have no words for the idiots engaging in these crimes. So, if you have a black cat, get them to celebrate Halloween with you indoors.
On a happier note, here is a black cat safely inspecting pumpkins, in preparation for the holiday we come to know well from American TV shows and films   :)

To raise awareness and champion the black cat cause, linking this ATC to:

Wicked Wednesday  -  Getting Ready for Halloween
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Little Fun Инчиковый Проект - Сентябрь

Little Fun вернулся на сентябрь Ура!!

5.9.16 - То, без чего я не представляю свою жизнь
Когда-то я изучала анатомию. Один день, преподавательница спросила у всей аудитории: "Без чего мы не можем жить?" Конечно посыпались ответы, как вода, пища; некоторые клоуны выкрикнули "секс". На это преподавательница ответила: "Каждый год одно и то же. И как бы вы пили, ели и занимались сексом, если бы вы не могли дышать?"
И так началась серия лекций по дыхательной системе.
Я не представляю свою жизнь без лёгких (но и без еды, воды и секса тоже не представляю).

12.9.16 - Моя семья
Это святое и доступ к ней запрещён.

лёгкие с визитной карточки специалиста по дыхательной медицине

19.9.16 - Моё любимое блюдо
Однозначно борщ... но только если его приготовил мой муж.

26.9.16 - Моё утро
Это истерическое МЯУ!!!!! в 4 утра. По мнению кота, в это время начинается мой рабочий день в должности технического директора и я должна быть постоянно готова с совком для песочка в одной руке и кормушкой в другой. Ночью он спит у меня под мышкой и мурлычет. Всё честно - он спит со мной за еду и я готова на всё.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Circus Acts and Carnivals

Over at Sunday Postcard Art, it's Circus this week. Here is my view of circus (which I love for the acrobat component and hate because of the animal component):

And a second ATC for ATC Around the World September challenge Anything Goes with Option Sun, Moon and Stars. In this second entry, I am sticking with the option - sun, moon and stars.
I have a tarot spread. Do you think I will win the lottery?

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Autumn Colours

Although we don't have much of a change between seasons here, I have lived in northern Europe and know all about those autumns. For Wicked Wednesday's first topic in September - Fall Colours, I have quilled leaves using narrow 1.5mm (1/16") paper strips. I wanted to create splotch effects on the paper using salt, but looks like Kraft is too tough for salt  :)
Enjoy the gorgeous palette, all you northern climate dwellers.

Also linking up to ATC Around the World Anything Goes (with onion Sun, Moon and Stars). I am working on the specific Sun, Moon & Stars ATC and will publish it later in the month.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

And More Nature

Sunday Postcard Art's theme for this week is Leaves. We don't have much of those glorious autumns the northern hemisphere is known for, but I have lived in northern Europe and have kicked through those leaves  :)
This week I have quilled leaves using narrow 1.5mm (1/16") paper strips. I have also rediscovered a stash of various 6"x4" cards, perfect for postcard challenges. Would like to thank Sunday Postcard Art for showcasing my postcard from last week, which you can see here.
Linking up to Moo Mania & More for the second time this fortnight for their Nature's Beauty theme.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Unique Pets

Or maybe we're not so unique. For this week's Wicked Wednesday ATC topic - Unique Pets, I am sharing with you what our household is like - we are owned by our cat who keeps us on short leashes

Also linking up to one of my owner's favourite blogs - Show Us Your Pussies, where this month's topic is Furrything Goes.

It is also our boss's birthday today - September 1st. Happy birthday, Master!