Thursday, 18 February 2016

A Tag and an ATC

Here is the tag I made for my other blog - Tag Tuesday, where this week's theme is Shakespeare. I quilled a quill. As a nod to Shakespeare's talent with words, here is some word trivia for you:
Supposedly, back in the middle ages, French nuns ripped gilded edges off old prayer book pages and rolled them on a quill to create various shapes, emulating decorative ironwork. With these scrolls and shapes, they decorated covers of new prayer books. Hence we get the word "quilling" for this craft. Have a look here at some antique quilling.

Also have this ATC for:

This is how I wish it was outside here down under. Air conditioners rule!


  1. you can keep the cold - it's a fairly mild -4C here today, but we're expecting minus teens later in the week - bring on spring! Love your quilled quill - always wondered where the word came from - thanks for the link

    1. So nice to see you here! Alright, send me the minus teens please.

  2. Your ATC is really cool! I love alle the snowflakes on it!
    Thanks for joining us at ATC around the world!

  3. So creative to use a thermometer, fab ATC. Love your quilled quill too, and the story of where the term came from. Thanks for joining us at Wicked Wednesday :)

  4. Well hello there, lil' lady!!!Well, it's been quite some time since I dropped by. (To tell you the truth, I haven't been on the computer sinceDecember) Well, I take that back,... I did post two coloring pages to my blog. But I really haven't visited any of my favorite blogs or done the Diva challenge. I tend to do a lot of my cyber stuff on my phones in between picking up kids and other down times. And it's usually Instagram, cause it's so quick and easy for me. BUT,........ I'v e missed you and seeing all of your gorgeous work.
    I love this quill feather!! And I scrolled through your blog and saw so many other pretties. Love the kitty cats. I hope things are well with you! Any new and exciting news?
    Well, just want to let you know that you enter my mind a lot, and wanted to say Hello!!
    Have a lovely day!! <3 xo

  5. Einfach grandios Dein ATC
    Vielen lieben Dank für deine Teilnahme bei ATC around the world!
    Liebe Grüße