Friday, 12 August 2016

A New View

I have just ordered my very first seeing glasses. That's it, my fantastic 20-20 vision is a bit less now. I am really happy about getting my first glasses, just as I am about my salt & pepper hair - there is something noble about growing older.
So, for this month's topic Alles geht mit opt. Fotoinspiration (Anything Goes with Option Photoinspiration) on ATC Around the World, I have rose-coloured glasses. I will probably still see the greyness of life (because grey is beautiful), but working on my crafts will become much easier.

This is the photoinspiration to work from:


  1. How cool - this is gorgeous! I love your ideas!! :)
    Thank you for joining us at ATC around the world!

    1. The ideas are not always mine ;) and it's always a pleasure to join into your ATC blogs. Thanks Conny!