Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mum's Birthday

Made this little Australiana card for my mum's upcoming birthday. As a result, ended up getting a book on quilled Australian wild flowers and, thanks to the unevenly cut oval aperture, tested out my newly bought variegated DMC cotton floss. As a result of that, ended up getting a huge set of variegated DMC's. As a result of that late night eBay shop, I am thinking up a design for blackwork embroidery, as well as for the variegated floss. Shortly I will make a box for the card and take some photos of that too.

He really thinks I can't see him

No, he knows I can see him and he doesn't care (and I love that)


  1. Replies
    1. Oh wow, you' re on line right now!! I have just come back from leaving a comment on your blog.
      Thank, as usual for all your warm comments.

  2. Zoe, it's very nice card for your mum! And your cat is a real photomodel!

    А за идею с покрытием пленкой цветочков - спасибо! У нас в магазинах нет такого, но крутя прозрачную урышечку из-под йогурта, я думала о такой вот задумке, как у тебя на открыточке.:)

    1. Привет Оля!
      Да, одна из кличек кота - Наоми Кэмпбел.

      У нас в магазинах такого тоже нет. Даже не знала, как называется. Случайно на eBay увидела название display dome (буквально купол или колпак для дисплея). Нигде на eBay не было. Случайно нашла пакет из 5ти штук в Аделаиде в Австралии. Это было в декабре и у неё до сих пор не появилась следующая партия. Просто какой-то дефицит с этими куполами.

      Намного интереснее находчивость и изобретательность, как у тебя. Если применишь крышечку, обязательно сфотографируй.

  3. I love the card, it's a really beautiful flower. And your cat... stunning eyes! xxx Aga

    1. Hi Aga,

      Great to hear from you and thank you for your feedback. And the cat thanks you too for the nice comments about his eyes.
      I am glad we haven't lost touch. I noticed that my comment finally shows up on your blog and read your response. I will come back over to your blog shortly and we'll keep talking.
      Please feel free to also email me on