Saturday, 23 February 2013

Family Corner

Birthdays and anniversaries starting to come up. Mum's birthday, my aunt will be celebrating 20 years in Australia and a distant cousin is turning 70.

For mum, I quilled her name inside a watch and made a box for the card I posted earlier:
Looks fuzzy due to the protective film on the glass

My aunt gets a reaffirmation of her Australian citizenship certificate together with a green & gold lid & ribbon combination:

The cousin lives in New York and collects Israeli souvenirs and memorabilia of all kinds. At seventy, he earned the right to wear a top hat. I also made a 3-D envelope:


  1. Zoe, very interesting presents! And everyone has own sense. It's nice!

    1. Thank you! My mother asked me to make something for the relatives.

  2. very nice gifts, sure they will love them !!!!